Vocabulário de negócios – Business Terms 4

Revenue Amounts of money received by (or owed to) a company for goods or services provided. Stakeholders Any individual or party that has an interest in or may be affected by a business and/or its activities. This can include anyone, from shareholders to residents of the local community. Supply chain The different elements making upContinuar lendo “Vocabulário de negócios – Business Terms 4”

Vocabulário de negócios – Business Terms 3

Capital Money invested into a company or project by its owners. Capital expenditure (CAPEX) Money spent to create future benefits. Capital expenditure is money spent by a company either to buy fixed assets or to add to the value of existing fixed assets with a useful life that extends beyond the taxable year. With regardContinuar lendo “Vocabulário de negócios – Business Terms 3”

Vocabulário de negócios – Business Terms 2

Benchmarking Checking your company’s standards by comparing them with certain criteria, e.g. a competitor’s activities. Black swan Financial events that are difficult to predict. It is called this because before people ventured to Australia, swans were assumed to only be white. No one had seen a black one until then. Blue chip This term originatesContinuar lendo “Vocabulário de negócios – Business Terms 2”

Vocabulário de negócios – Business Terms 1

Arbitrage The process by which a person or business takes advantage of the difference in price of a share or a currency. Assets Property that has value owned by a company. Audit An official inspection of a company’s, or individual’s, accounts. B2B Business to business. B2C Business to consumer.